Meet Author Linda Jamison

​​​​Amanda is slightly lost when it comes to “putting it all together”. Her admiration is left on the pages of the fashion magazines she glances through from time to time. However, the irony is—growing up her mom really put an emphasis on styling her as a little girl. She would pick out matching dresses for them both to wear, bows in her hair, took her to the hairdresser, the works! As she got older her mom encouraged her to express her individuality through fashion and clothing. So it’s quite surprising that none of this has rubbed off on Amanda—at least not to the extreme that her mom took it to. On her path, she stops in front of her favorite luxe shoe boutique to admire, from afar, the Manolo Blahnik Carolyne sling-backs that often haunt her. They are black patent leather, three-inch stilettos, with a pointed toe. Even Amanda knows, no one does a shoe better than the Spanish designer Manolo! Then the typical self-to-self conversation begins. “You wish,” she speaks aloud, clearly aware that she’s talking to herself. “You will never own those.” She tells herself “Yes, I know.” she answers back. “You have nowhere to wear them! They cost a fortune!” she exclaims. “But they’re exquisite!” she whines, now at full pitch totally oblivious to any onlookers. It was early yet so she was lucky the street was empty. She stares for a bit longer before forcing herself back to reality and moves on. God forbid anyone caught wind of that little exchange they would have thought she was insane! Or maybe not, they are Manolo’s after all—it probably happens all the time. 

Dear Manolo is a story that unwinds when Amanda discovers the favor of friendships and startling revelations in her treasured heirloom that is more show than telling.

-Excerpt from the book Dear Manolo